newspaper No. 10

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Newspaper No. 10


Pure sheep's wool in combination with a binding fiber forms the stable core of Whisperwool. Exactly this hard, but permeable core provides the sound-absorbing effect (Aw up to 1.00). The top layer of the Whisperwool panel is made of visually appealing wool felt and scores heavily in the areas of interior design and sustainability.
Whisperwool panels are 12.5 mm thick and 900 x 900 mm in size with a weight of 3,000 g. Whisperwool can also be used on irregular structures using the Lanaforming process
(like curved ceilings).

You can see how easy assembly is in our installation video .





FunderMax Exteriorplatten Lagerprogramm

Verschiedene Dekore und Formate am Lager bzw. innerhalb ca. 10 Tage lieferbar.
Dekorliste: Exterior Lagerware




Nordpan Frontenplatte



Our company is now certified for FSC and PEFC.

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